Field Trip

The tentative plan is to go to the Lausitz area southeast of Berlin. It is one of the world’s largest lignite mining areas, the open pits are so large they can be seen from outer space. Some of the abandoned pits have been flooded and recultivated, which causes some major biogeochemical problems, e.g. acid mine drainage etc. We will take a look at the “Hühnerwasser” (Chicken Creek), which is a model site for recultivation. On the way back to Potsdam we’ll stop at the UNESCO Biosphere Heritage Site “Spreewald”, a 475 km2 freshwater wetland. The area has been inhabited for several millennia and is a unique place to see how humans have altered and adjusted to the natural landscape.
Please keep this as a very preliminary program, we can only sort out the details once we know the number of participants.

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